Divorce Financial Planning

This service is provided to couples, individuals and Family Law Practitioners needing independent, unbiased financial planning.

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How We Can Help

During this very stressful time we will help you with:

  • Gathering relevant financial information
  • Identifying your financial needs
  • Understanding financial information
  • Developing realistic budgets that reflect accurate future needs
  • Understanding short and long-term cash-flow analysis
  • Assessing the fairness of various settlement options and understanding the long-term consequences
  • Planning Pre and post divorce tax
  • Planning post divorce retirement
  • Structuring income streams from settlements
  • Making “buy-out” vs “sell” house decisions
  • Rebalancing investment portfolios

We can also act as a Collaborative Divorce Professional. Learn more about Collaborative Divorce Ottawa.

Summary of Agreements

When mediation or the family litigation process has not worked for you, we act as a neutral party describing your proposed asset division and support payments to your partner or legal advisor. This can be done individually or with both you and your partner present, as well as with other advisors.

After Divorce

We help you develop long term financial strategies for your new financial reality.

Divorce financial planning services are available on an hourly rate basis.